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journalism and art

in digital societies

Book / Doctoral dissertation.

This book offers a comprehensive analysis about the influence of digital technologies on journalism and art and a reflection on the way these forms of communication may intertwine during the twenty-first century.

the embrace of the serpent and the dark legacy of the rubber holocaust

Essay / academic article

This essay studies a selection of scenes from The Embrace of the Serpent, and compare them to different journalistic and literary works that relate to an episode known as the Rubber Holocaust (or Holocausto Cauchero).

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the orwellian

vision of utopia

Essay / academic article

This article comes from the adaptation and updating of a chapter of my doctoral thesis, where I questioned the roles of journalists and artists in the so-called digital societies of the twenty-first century. This research is based on a premise exposed by communications’ theorist Marshall McLuhan (1962, 1964), where he defined artists as the “antennae of the race” and as the “early warning systems” of the societies they inhabit (Wolfe, 1968). For this reason, I choose the journalistic and literary work of George Orwell as an example of an artist whose critical mind and sensibility allowed him to see beyond all the dogma and all the propaganda that clouded the reasoning of most of his contemporaries.

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