This edition of Cards of Collective Creation Vol. 1 presents a collection of 100+ photo-montages and digital illustrations, which have been mixed with 70 verses and turned into  two card games designed to encourage collective artistic creation.....


Notes on the Meta presents a collection of documents, recovered by a crypto-historian from the  late twenty-second century, which relate to the last and greatest advancement in (strictly) human technology: the Meta-Algorithm (also known as Clausen’s Meta-Algorithm)...

Notes on the Meta (cover web).jpg

Includes graphic novels and collections of visual artwork.

Includes collections of essays and journalistic articles.

Bilingual editions are ideal tools for those who are in the process of learning either Spanish or English. These publications allow readers to compare the same text in the two different languages. They help increase your vocabulary and focus on grammatical and syntactic differences (and similarities) between English and Spanish.

Includes links to academic publications.