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Elemental Journey Vol 1. Australian Edition (south-east-south)


This work pays tribute to the First Nations, whose culture and magic have graced for millennia the wondrous island-continent known as Australia. It acknowledges the legacy of elders past and present and celebrates the landscapes, dreamscapes and colourful stories of the traditional custodians of the lands on which it was created.



The journey portrayed in this work includes thirty stages: optimal for the collection of visual elements, infused with a unique composition of the modern Australian spice.
   The elements found in each of the stages range from the gigantic and monumental scale to minuscule and often ephemeral expressions of culture and life. All of them have been dunked and processed in the deepest confines of the reptilian brain, in order to turn them into a series of dreamscapes and games, which in turn exist as an invitation to be twisted and reconfigured in any and all imaginable ways, by those who would dare to follow in its footsteps.
   The original photographs from where the dreamscapes and games presented in the following pages come from, have been captured throughout the past fifteen years. Some of them showcase special events hosted during this period, which have been adapted and reinterpreted as an homage and a celebration of the different artistic scenes and sceneries found during this journey.
   The exercise in collective creation that this journal thus invites, takes place through a series of games and activities, which have been designed to encourage the creation of new myths: inspired by the legacy of thousands of generations and millions upon millions of dreamtime stories, which are nourished and spiced on a day to day basis, by a myriad of cultural influxes from all over the globe.

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