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Notes on the Meta presents a collection of documents, recovered by a crypto-historian from the mid to late twenty-second century, which relate to the last and greatest advancement in (strictly) human technology: the Meta-Algorithm (also known as Clausen’s Meta-Algorithm).  

The societies of the twenty-second century have been marked by an event known as the Big-Information Black-Out (or BIBO), when all the  communication systems in the planet were shut down for a period of (allegedly) fifteen minutes. When they were re-established, all the records stored and digitised throughout the century had been altered: leading to the emergence of thousands of different version of the past.

The main document in this compendium is presented as the transcription of a debate that (allegedly) took place in a digital forum (or Virtual Agora as this spaces used to be known) and revolves around what one of the characters involved in the debate defined as a ‘meta-physical battle’ between the Meta-Algorithm and a young man named Robert DeVries.

As the crypto-historian explains, this debate generated the highest number of 'mnemonic responses' ever to be attributed to a forum of this nature and, therefore, could have been highly influential in the outcome of the so-called Second Referendum.

In the Global Referendum (as it was also known) the vast majority of the human population of the mid twenty-first century (allegedly) voted to abandon the old national order and granted the world’s political and economic power to the Meta-Algorithm.

Apart from the transcription of the aforementioned debate, Notes on the Meta includes two related stories, presented in the form of a storyboard ( allegedly) produced by one of the characters involved in the virtual debate.

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